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Usage Patterns

Update: I will have updated graphs in a day or two. My time tracking app was only exporting the top 10 applications and I just found the setting to export the top 25.

I always have an app running on my computer that logs all the time I spend in each application. It helps to give some interesting insights how, what, how long, what days, and times do I do certain tasks. You can see what hours of the day that you are productive and what hours you just surf the web.

Usage by App


Just for clarification:

  • iTerm - terminal app
  • Forklift - file/ssh/ftp file management
  • SublimeText 2 - Text Editor

So Chrome wins pretty easy but I do spend a lot of my time in a terminal. I hate pixels and gui's. I wish I could do everything from the command line. The other 21% of my time is spent programming in SublimeText. Even though it is not a large amount 5% of my time sitting at my computer is managing files in Forklift. That is still a lot of time for something like moving a file from one directory to another.

Usage by Hour Apps by hour of day

These two graphs show pretty much the same thing. What hours of the day do I must most of my work. 8pm-10pm is when I do most of my work. However I do like the area graph about what apps I am using at what time.

You can see that I have a large spike in the morning with Chrome. This is when I get up and surf the internet looking for news or reading RSS feeds. I have a pretty constant usage of the terminal throughout the entire day but my development really picks up in the later hours with SublimeText and iTerm.

Hours by day

Day of Week

Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are my big computing days. This mostly because I am at work throughout the week so I do what I want on the weekends.

Usage by Day

Finally my usage throughout the past few months. You can read this graph a few different ways. You can look at the usage trends over time and see if I am starting to use a computer more or less. You can also look at how many hours I am on a computer during a single day. On average it's about ~4.5hrs a day. Not too bad at all.

You can study the graphs if you want and see if doing something like this would be advantageous to you. I always enjoy looking over data and seeing trends in my own life and how I use and interact with things. You can use data like this to determine when you are most productive by hour or day, day of week, etc...

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