Michael Crosby


My second application was published this week.


CodeAssistant is a simple tool to test code snippets in virtually any language on Windows. It has been in development for four months and has been a great learning experience for domain driven development and .NET's WPF.

The application is build on top of WPF using the MVVM design pattern. I created a MVVM framework called MVVM Async that you can find it on github. WPF and MVVM are still in their infancy and there are some rough edges and verbose syntax that needs fixed ( command delegates anyone? ). I like WPF and MVVM but I wish they would have just used the proved MVC tooling form ASP.NET MVC in WPF. There are a lot of developers familiar with MVC, partials, and the such that would have been a good fit for WPF. But no, they had to build another framework and you have to relearn everything all over again.

This has been the first project where I have built it from the ground up with domain driven design and solid patterns. Each of the layers in the application are completely decoupled from the others and are in their own projects. The view/application layer only has a reference to the ViewModel project and the ViewModel project only references the Domain layer.

Future Projects

I don't have any plans for a future project. I have been wanting to work on a game. Desktop or iOS, I have not decided. I may play with the XNA development toolkit before making a decision. A friend of mine said that Corona is a good platform to build games on. I have a few game ideas but don't know yet.

If anyone has a game that they want to work on, it does not matter what platform, I can code in any language, let me know.

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