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  1. Docker Events

    The proper way to do port allocation in docker is to EXPOSE a private port in a container and let docker map the public port on the host. This can be a pain for reverse proxies, load balances, etc but with the events endpoint in docker you can listen for ...

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  2. Go Helpful Commands

    Here are a few go commands that I find helpful that are hidden in documentation.

    List all installed packages

    go list all

    Build entire pkg directory

    go build . ./...

    Install entire pkg directory

    go install . ./...

    Test entire pkg

    go test . ./...

    Format and simplify code

    go fmt -s -w <file>

    Detect races ...

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  3. Go toolbox

    I have been asked a few times about my Go development environment. Because Go is still a very new language many people do not know where to start. Here are a few tools that I have in my Go toolbox.


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  4. Golang JSON RPC

    Go's rpc package has an example for the default rpc implementation but nothing for the jsonrpc package. Here is how to get it work. The rpc example uses some helpers built into the rpc package, I just looked at that code in Go's stdlib to figure out the ...

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  5. Go Lang

    If you don't know about Go it's a programming language for now. Most of the languages that we use everyday are old, 10+ years old. After so many years languages need to start to think about news ways to solve the same problems. Go is a new language ...

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